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The loss of a pet is a very difficult experience.  We invite you to share your memories of your dear friend that you have lost. This site will be monitored for content.

Posted By :    Meghan & Tr
Posted :    8/18/2013
Comments :    I would like to take time to thank you guys. you were very compassionate and understanding when we lost Bear and you are helping us along with our newest addition Grizzly. Thanks so much you guys :)
Posted By :    Megan McCarthy
Posted :    6/4/2013
Comments :    I want to thank Dr. Berger for calling me and talking me through a difficult situation with my cat, Jack. Dr. Berger called me after hours and was very knowledgeable and compassionate. It was truly above and beyond the call of duty. I will never take any of my pets to anyone else. WFPC is the very best!
Posted By :    Sandra Tigges
Posted :    5/2/2013
Comments :    Thank you "Dr. Berger and staff" for working Chloe in your busy schedule. Ron and I are so grateful for your care and kindness in treating our girl. Great service!!
Posted By :    Tom Mack
Posted :    3/9/2012
Comments :    We started coming to WFPC with our new Sheltie nearly 3 years ago on recommendation from friends...glad we did even though it's a 25 minute drive from the Quad Cities! Dr.Berger is GREAT, as are all of the staff. Knowledgeable, VERY friendly, caring people.
Posted By :    nichole wise  
Posted :    11/9/2011
Comments :    Best place to bring your best friend!! Dr.Berger is that best, he is the only vet I will ever trust with star.
Posted By :    Lynne Schiffke
Posted :    4/14/2010
Comments :    Dr. Bahns and Dr. Berger have both assisted us in the very difficult act of sending one of our 'kids' to heaven. They are wonderfully compassionate. Thanks.
Posted By :    Deana & Gary Lucht 
Posted :    12/9/2009
Comments :    Great party- thanks to Santa and the great picture with KC.
Posted By :    John schliekelman
Posted :    2/6/2009
Comments :    To Dr Laura A. Bahns In reply: Capone is doing fine. An Idea: I cut off half the thin dispensing tube on the Mometamax(for dogs). It is much easier for cats since you don't have to worry about hurting their inner(?) ears. John
Posted By :    Pam Lane
Posted :    1/24/2009
Comments :    Just wanted to stop by and thank everyone for their compassion, and help during the most difficult decision of my life. A special thanks to Tracie for giving us Cowboy, and a most heartfelt thank-you to Dr. Bahns. She is truly a wonderful Vet, who has great knowledge, and love for all our animal friends.
Posted By :    Dr. Bahns
Posted :    1/5/2009
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